School-Age Storytime Spotlight: Self-Love

I visit one of our local K-2 elementary schools every month for storytime. This month I got to visit the day after Valentine’s! Unless otherwise noted, the books/songs were used with all grade levels.

Sing: Hello, Hello & How Are You?* (English and Spanish) – K/1st Grade

Rhyme: Bread & Butter* – 2nd Grade

The kids couldn’t wait to tell me all about their class parties yesterday! Apparently, there was A LOT of candy. They also told me that they passed out valentines. I asked if they remembered to give themselves a valentine, too. Everyone giggled and said NO! “Well then,” I replied. “You forgot someone very important! Our storytime today is about remembering to love ourselves, too.”

BK Be Who You Are Inside

Read: Be Who You Are! by Todd Parr (Novel Effect)

Before reading, I pointed out the big, bold title words and we practiced saying those words in a big, bold voice (as they appear several times in the book). The Novel Effect soundscape to this book really had us moovin’ and groovin’! At the end of the book, Todd signs off his letter to the readers with a heart, setting the stage perfectly for…

Sing: H-E-A-R-T

Elementary school kiddos sure seem to love BINGO piggybacks! We pulled out the whiteboard and they helped me sound out and spell Heart. I drew a heart as we erased each letter.


I made a valentine for you
The heart shape means I love you!
The heart shape means I love you!


Read: Lou by Breanna Carzoo- K/1st Grade

Oh, Lou. Sometimes it’s hard to be who you are, especially when no one else seems to understand you. Take Lou, a friendly fire hydrant constantly mistaken for a public toilet by the neighborhood dogs:

BK Lou 2

Read: Avocado Asks, What Am I? by Momoko Abe- 2nd Grade

Sometimes it’s not easy to be you are. Sometimes things happen that make you wonder who or what you are. Take Avocado, who becomes unsure whether they are a fruit or a vegetable. Avocado sets off on a journey through the grocery store for answers!

BK Avocado 3

Pair Share: What makes you unique?

We used a sand timer to help us keep track of time while we pair shared with a partner. When the sand ran out, we were ready to read last book:

Read: I Am! A Book of Reminders by Juana Medina

Before reading, I had the classes practice repeating after me. As we read, I encouraged the kids to read the passages back to me. I also paused on the “I am thankful” page to point out the thought bubbles and gave us some time to think about things we are grateful for, too:

BK I Am 3

Sing: If You’re Happy and You Know It/Our Storytime is Over* – K/1st Grade

Rhyme: Bread & Butter* – 2nd Grade

*Please visit this page to learn more about my regular storytime songs and routines.

We had such a wonderful affirming storytime morning! What are your favorite picture books to share around Valentine’s Day? I’d love to know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “School-Age Storytime Spotlight: Self-Love”

  1. We are on a wavelength! I did “I Love Being Me” for the babies and toddlers last week. Peter H Reynolds’ _Be You_ is lovely, and the board book _I Love All of Me_ by Grover and Búzio worked really well for that age. I found some new-to-me songs that I enjoyed sharing, too – I Love My Body from Mother Moon and I Am Kind from Lindsay Munroe. Love seeing the elementary perspective on this topic. ❤

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