Baby Storytime Spotlight: Bugs Big and Small

Remembering some happier times today! Here's a recent pre-pandemic baby storytime plan: Have you ever noticed how many bug books contain concepts like colors and sizes? Me either - until I saw all the bug books on the concept storytime theme shelf! And thus a new storytime plan was born... *Sing: Good Morning to You… Continue reading Baby Storytime Spotlight: Bugs Big and Small

Storytime Spotlight: Lost and Found

I'm prepping a Lost and Found storytime for 2020 and realized I never blogged about it in 2018! This is one of my all-time favorite storytime themes. Many young children experience separation anxiety and this theme gives us a safe space to explore those feelings. Also, who hasn't felt the anguish of losing a beloved… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Lost and Found

Storytime Spotlight: Bodies, Bunnies and Dolphins

How did we get from talking about ears to oceans? Read on and find out what we did in one of my favorite flow storytimes ever! This storytime was for a mixed-age family group. Welcome & Set Expectations *Sing: Bread & Butter Read: Ears by Flowerpot Press This storytime group started off with mostly young… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Bodies, Bunnies and Dolphins

Storytime Spotlight: Above & Below

Blogging today to share one of my favorite recent storytime plans! The inspiration for this storytime came from Fountas & Pinnell's Verbal Path for the Formation of Letters. I used these motions often as a teacher (click on the image for more): When our focus rolled around to Letter Knowledge last month, I started thinking… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Above & Below