Outside Storytime Spotlight: Beep Beep!

My first ever Outside Storytime got moved from the nearby park to the parking lot! This switch (coinciding with the installation of our new auto shop playscape) inspired my transportation themed storytime plan. The change of scenery didn't seem to deter folks... we still had 137 people in attendance! Pre-Storytime Playlist: Here Comes the Sun… Continue reading Outside Storytime Spotlight: Beep Beep!

Flannel Friday: Clean and Dirty Cars

Photograph: Three different color cars constructed from stiff posterboard. Two are clean; one is spattered with brown paint representing mud. I had so much fun adapting this classic Clean and Dirty Pigs flannel rhyme! Big thanks to my Flannel Friday friends for their input. I made these enlarged posterboard props for outdside storytimes, but I… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Clean and Dirty Cars

Storytime Spotlight: Animals on the “Moove”

Have you ever noticed how many transportation books have great sounds? And how many animal books have great sounds? Well, during our latest phonological awareness focus month, I put these two together and tried a new storytime plan: animals on the "moove!" Here's how it went with my regular mixed-age Saturday storytime group. *Sing: Good… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Animals on the “Moove”