School-Age Storytime Spotlight: Self-Love

I visit one of our local K-2 elementary schools every month for storytime. This month I got to visit the day after Valentine's! Unless otherwise noted, the books/songs were used with all grade levels. Sing: Hello, Hello & How Are You?* (English and Spanish) - K/1st Grade Rhyme: Bread & Butter* - 2nd Grade The… Continue reading School-Age Storytime Spotlight: Self-Love

Baby Storytime Spotlight: Kisses & Cuddles

I am so behind with sharing storytime plans! Here's a sweet baby storytime from last week on Valentine's Day: *Sing: Good Morning to You Welcome/Introductions: How Does Baby Melt Your Heart? Every week (if our group is small enough) I encourage the caregivers to introduce themselves, their baby and share a fun fact. This morning… Continue reading Baby Storytime Spotlight: Kisses & Cuddles