School-Age Storytime Spotlight: Self-Love

I visit one of our local K-2 elementary schools every month for storytime. This month I got to visit the day after Valentine's! Unless otherwise noted, the books/songs were used with all grade levels. Sing: Hello, Hello & How Are You?* (English and Spanish) - K/1st Grade Rhyme: Bread & Butter* - 2nd Grade The… Continue reading School-Age Storytime Spotlight: Self-Love

That’s a Wrap: 2022 Summer Reading School Visits

Phew! In the month of May, our small but mighty youth and teen services team put in 160 hours visiting more than 10,000 students. While we do provide some programs and services at the branches, our main focus is outreach and educator support. As a former teacher turned librarian, I'm absolutely loving my new job!… Continue reading That’s a Wrap: 2022 Summer Reading School Visits