Family Storytime Spotlight: Cats Big and Small

Today I'm sharing my favorite storytime so far from this year! Rhyme: Bread & Butter* Welcome/Intro Sing: Roll the Ball (Name Song)* Sing: If You're Ready for a Story...* Read: Bathe the Cat by Alice B. McGinty & David Roberts In this new picture book, a multi-racial family frantically scrambles to get ready for Grandma's… Continue reading Family Storytime Spotlight: Cats Big and Small

Family Storytime Spotlight: Dino Days

Back in August, my library returned to indoor, in-person storytimes. For more about that, check out this post. I was so excited to take on the family evening storytime at my new branch! I come ready for anything to these mixed age storytimes, and it's a good thing I do. Our first small but mighty Monday… Continue reading Family Storytime Spotlight: Dino Days

Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Imagination

Sing: Good Morning to You* Welcome/Introduction/Announcements During my welcome and pre-storytime announcements, I asked the adults to stay nearby to help type their child's answers to questions in the chat box and to turn the camera on/off. I also asked them to grab ten SOMETHINGS to build with later - blocks, cups, whatever. I had… Continue reading Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Imagination