Toddler Storytime Spotlight: Sounds All Around

I presented this plan to a toddler group the same morning I shared Night Sounds with our mixed-age family crowd. Like that plan, I love how everything in this storytime revolved around phonological awareness and gave me many messaging opportunities (in case if my planned message moment didn't work out). We started with sounds round… Continue reading Toddler Storytime Spotlight: Sounds All Around

Family Storytime Spotlight: Night Sounds

For every post I share a new storytime plan, I'm also going to try and share a plan from last year at my former library system. We had so much fun that I never got around to blogging about! Here's a plan I presented with a mixed-age family group when our monthly focus was phonological… Continue reading Family Storytime Spotlight: Night Sounds

Storytime Spotlight: Animals on the “Moove”

Have you ever noticed how many transportation books have great sounds? And how many animal books have great sounds? Well, during our latest phonological awareness focus month, I put these two together and tried a new storytime plan: animals on the "moove!" Here's how it went with my regular mixed-age Saturday storytime group. *Sing: Good… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Animals on the “Moove”

Storytime Spotlight: Celebration Sounds

Last week I posted about my new party hats flannel, so this week I wanted to share them in storytime action! This was a smaller group than usual (less than 20 kiddos) and, although we had our usual wide range of ages, everyone in the group had been storytiming with me for at least six… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Celebration Sounds

Storytime Spotlight: Leaves & Trees, Take Two (Family Time)

Another fall storytime reflection! This time I had literally one of the BEST groups ever in the past three years I've been doing storytime. I really connected with the kiddos and the parents. It's difficult to describe, but the whole thing felt like one long back and forth, natural conversation. The entire time, everyone was… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Leaves & Trees, Take Two (Family Time)

Storytime Spotlight: Trees & Leaves, Take One (Family Time)

Here's one of my favorite fun storytimes from this fall! This day I had a younger crowd, so this storytime definitely skewed on the toddler side. *Welcome & Set Expectations *Sing: This is the Way We Clap Our Hands... Read: Night Owl by Toni Yuly If you haven't run into Yuly before now, add her… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Trees & Leaves, Take One (Family Time)