STEAM Storytime Spotlight: Heart Art

Sharing a fun feelings-centered storytime plan for Valentine’s Day — or any day! It’s always a good time to help kids build SEL skills.

Sing: Now It’s Time to Say Hello*

Sing: When the Zoo Wakes Up in the Morning… (puppets)

When monkeys wake up in the morning,
They always say good day.
When monkeys wake up in the morning,
They always say good day.
That is what they say, they say
That is what they say…

Repeat: other zoo animals


Welcome to STEAM Storytime! Today we’re focusing on Art. Art helps children’s development in so many ways. Through art, children build motor skills. Art can help kids relax, focus and express their feelings. Speaking of feelings…

Read: My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall

Sing: If I Was a Bird by Old Town School of Folk Music

Sing: Snake in the Grass by Mr. Jon & Friends

Pause: Snake Breaths

To help us calm down before our last book, we took in some deep breaths and let the air slowly hiss out.

Read: Crocodiles Need Kisses Too by Rebecca Colby

Rhyme: Make a Heart

I put my hands together.
This is how I start.
I curve my fingers right around…
And I can make a heart!


Make: Heart Art

Here are some of their creative compositions! I’m amazed at what they could make using just heart shapes:

ST Heart Art Pig

Photo: Heart Pig

ST Heart Butterfly

Photo: Heart Butterfly

ST Heart Collage

Photo: Hearts! This young artist just wanted to fill their entire paper with hearts, and that’s okay too.

*Please visit this page to learn more about my regular storytime songs and routines.

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