Storytime Spotlight: Celebration Sounds

Last week I posted about my new party hats flannel, so this week I wanted to share them in storytime action! This was a smaller group than usual (less than 20 kiddos) and, although we had our usual wide range of ages, everyone in the group had been storytiming with me for at least six… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Celebration Sounds

Flannel Friday: Party Hat Hiding Game

Breaking my month-long blogging hiatus with a fun Flannel Friday post today! Last month I gave one of my favorite hat flannels a little makeover by adding a bunch of patterned party hats! I hid farm animal friends underneath. First we explored some math talk opportunities, such as... How are these hats the same? How… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Party Hat Hiding Game

Storytime Spotlight: It Started with a Birthday and Ended with Some Animals

We've all been there, right?! This is how I picture you reacting: But in this case the tagline does not refer to my actual 30th - I'm talking about our recent storytime! 🙂 I took a weekend off for my birthday and came back to storytime with some cake and candles in tow. Here we… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: It Started with a Birthday and Ended with Some Animals

Flannel Friday: Birthday Cake Makeover

You know that Maya Angelou quote about doing better when you know better? Now that I know how important variety is for supporting math talk and building vocabulary, I can't help but give my old flannels a makeover! In honor of my recent birthday, here are my new and improved Cake Candles: You can see… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Birthday Cake Makeover