STEAM Family Fun with Cardboard!

For the past several years, I’ve been doing a Box Storytime/Play Party in January. I’ve been wondering what I could do with cardboard now that I primarily work with ages 5-12. When I saw another librarian post about MakeDo cardboard construction kits on social media, I had my answer!

I took this program to two very different branches (one with more families and one with a large after-school, drop-in student population). It was a HUGE hit at both locations.

Before the program, I created a poster with different cardboard attachment techniques:


After introducing our tools and giving a brief safety orientation, I let them loose! It’s amazing what you can make with a little cardboard and creativity:


Cardboard Box Dragon (Photo)


Cardboard Box Castle (Photo): A paper towel roll turrett rises from the box base.


Cardboard Box Chair (Photo)


Cardboard Box Butterfly (Photo)

This kid constructed quite the Iron Man Costume!


Cardboard Iron Man Costume (Photo): Comprised of soda cases for the arms and legs, a big box middle and craft roll tubes for fingers.

I just love the fairy wings this mom created from a turquoise tequila box! 😂


Cardboard Fairy Wings (Photo)

STEAM Family Fun is designed for families with children ages 5-12. Caregivers are strongly encouraged to stay and explore alongside us, and older/younger siblings are always welcome.

This program was so popular, I’m pondering all the opportunities for it to make a repeat appearance. It’d be a great green/upcycle program for Earth Day in April. The CSLP summer reading theme this year is All Together Now – maybe we’ll build a big box neighborhood? I’d also like to do this again with the cool 3D print hinges you can grab from Thingverse!

1 thought on “STEAM Family Fun with Cardboard!”

  1. We just recieved a package of MakeDo. Box forts have been a big hit at our location during special events, but this is a more approachable program to have throughout the year. Thanks for sharing!

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