STEAM Family Fun with Cardboard!

For the past several years, I've been doing a Box Storytime/Play Party in January. I've been wondering what I could do with cardboard now that I primarily work with ages 5-12. When I saw another librarian post about MakeDo cardboard construction kits on social media, I had my answer! I took this program to two… Continue reading STEAM Family Fun with Cardboard!

Pop-Up Winter Programs

Do you still call it passive programming? Or do you use the term self-directed patron programming? Personally, I'm a big fan of Heather Booth's phrase: free-range programs! Whatever temporary pop-up programs are called these days, here's some fun ideas for winter! Back when staff-led programs and play areas were closed during the early days of… Continue reading Pop-Up Winter Programs

Bricks and Books Club: The One and Only Ivan

Last month I blogged about Getting Started with a Bricks and Books Club. Today, I thought I would share the plan from our first inaugural meeting! Icebreaker Would you rather be a dog, gorilla or an elephant? Why? This turned into a pretty heavy icebreaker! One of our participants wanted to be an elephant so… Continue reading Bricks and Books Club: The One and Only Ivan