Flannel Friday: Three-fer Flannel Hen Rhymes

Move over, Hickety Pickety Bumblebee. There's a new rhyme in town! Kudos to my fabulous teammate Vanessa for introducing me to this version when I started at my new library system... in 2019! Told you I've got a looooong backlog of posts to catch up with! ūü§£ Thank goodness for motivation from Flannel Friday Round… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Three-fer Flannel Hen Rhymes

Flannel Friday: Tommy the Turkey

Happy Flannel Friday!¬† On a Saturday.¬† Because lately, that's how I roll.¬† Get it?¬† Lately?¬† As in I'm late with this post?¬† Ha ha?¬† (Sorry, too many long nights doing homework!) Although I don't do holiday themes for storytimes, I do usually do a birds and or migration/hibernation themed storytime in November.¬† I just love… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Tommy the Turkey

Flannel Friday: Little Chick

Thank you Wendy at Flannel Board Fun for¬†hosting the Flannel Friday Round Up this week! ¬†If you something landed here without stopping THERE first, you'll definitely want to go back and look at what everyone else is up to. ¬†You can also check out¬†the blog, Facebook page, or Pinerest page. ¬†Happy Friday! I've got another… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Little Chick

Storytime Spotlight: Baby Animal Bash

  Spring is almost in the air... which means it's time for some of my favorite books and songs about baby animals! ¬†Family time was so much fun last Saturday. ¬†Here's the rundown: Welcome/Opening Songs: If You're Happy & You Know It Shake My Sillies Out ABC Routine: Letter H Transition/Fingerplay: Dance Your Fingers Book… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Baby Animal Bash