Thursday Thoughts: On Summer Reading & School Contests

It's the first day of summer reading at my library! Have I told you how much I LOVE summer reading these days? It's killing me to miss kickoff this week while I'm isolating at home, fighting COVID Round Two. 😦 My library district took a summer reading pause in 2020. GASP! That's right, we didn't… Continue reading Thursday Thoughts: On Summer Reading & School Contests

Bricks and Books Club: Booked

Happy National Poetry Month! It's the perfect time to read the new graphic novel adaptation of Kwame Alexander's Booked: Icebreaker: Share your favorite sport to play OR watch! Lots of football and baseball spectator fans in our book club (because of all the great food!) Icebreaker Slide Discussion Questions: Analyze: Why is Booked a good… Continue reading Bricks and Books Club: Booked

STEAM Family Fun with Snow!

Are you tired of me blogging about snowy-themed storytimes and programs yet? I hope not! Spring in Colorado means snow one day and sun the next (or sometimes both on the same day), so I've still got snow on the brain! I love having different stations during programs because then kids can choose what they… Continue reading STEAM Family Fun with Snow!