Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Routines & Resilience

Sharing a recent all-ages virtual storytime plan today! Highlights posted below; click here for the full script. Sing: Hi, Hello and How Are You?* Welcome/Summer Reading Announcement Sing: If You're Ready for a Story...* Read: Saturday by Oge Mora Before reading this story, we learned more about Oge Mora by reading her author blurb on… Continue reading Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Routines & Resilience

Baby Storytime Spotlight: Families and Food

Speaking of my recent posts about baby storytime messaging and flavored flannel popcorn, I thought I should share how my first storytime went at my new library! Being Black Friday, it was a very small (but mighty) group. *Sing: Good Morning to You Welcome & Introductions: What is Baby's Favorite Food? We introduced ourselves, our… Continue reading Baby Storytime Spotlight: Families and Food

Storytime Spotlight: Going Places (Family Time)

Inspired by Jbrary's recent post on Storytime Themes vs. Storytime Flow, I've been challenging myself to start with a book and go from there. When you start with a book, it's much easier to include picture books with diverse representation. Plus, it allows me more room to breathe! Creative freedom! More flexibility and spontaneity in… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Going Places (Family Time)