STEAM Family Fun with Snow!

Are you tired of me blogging about snowy-themed storytimes and programs yet? I hope not! Spring in Colorado means snow one day and sun the next (or sometimes both on the same day), so I’ve still got snow on the brain!

I love having different stations during programs because then kids can choose what they want to do and how much time they want to invest in an activity. I’m a big believer in self-selection and honoring children’s choices. Stations are also a great way to get in the different components of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics!

During this snowy STEAM program, we had three different stations:

  • Green Screen Snow Globe (Art/Tech)
  • Marshmallow Snow People (Engineering/Math)
  • Watercolor/Crayon Resist Snow Scenes (Art)

Green Screen Snow Globe

I first came across the super fun Do Ink app from @Fuglefun on Instagram! We used our iPads, Apple pencils, a green screen and Tricia’s snow globe project template. Kids could take a photo of themselves and/or draw their own picture.

This kiddo made a snowman:

And this kiddo drew a magical winter mushroom:

Marshmallow Snow People:

This is such a fun challenge! Can you build a (freestanding) snow person using marshmallows of various sizes and toothpicks? A large after-school crowd turned this into a heated competition! Our tallest snow person measured in at 17 inches. 😮

20230223_155802 (1)

Photo: A stack of marshmallows leans dangerously close to falling over after a child removes their hands holding it in place.

20230228_164415 (1)

Photo: A child poses a marshmallow snowperson with toothpick arms. A snowman face is drawn on the topmost marshmallow, including an orange carrot nose.

Crayon Resist/Watercolor Snow Scenes

I am kicking myself for not snapping any pictures of this station! One tween spent the entire hour at this station creating a stunning mountain snowscape.

STEAM Family Fun is designed for families with children ages 5-12. Caregivers are strongly encouraged to stay and explore alongside us, and older/younger siblings are always welcome.

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