2021 Blogging Year in Review

As we enter the THIRD calendar year of COVID, here’s a look back on 2021 at Storytime in the Stacks:

Looking Back

Site Traffic:

21 Stacks Stats 1

Bar Graph: Depicts steadily increasing traffic since site launch in 2016, almost like a staircase.

Wrapping up with 41,703 views, 2021 was the busiest year yet for Storytime in the Stacks. Traffic jumped almost 10,000 views up from 2020! Site traffic remained steady throughout the year, with slight dips in January and December. October brought the most visitors and views to the site… people really seemed to like that grumpy Bookish Pet Peeves post! 😆

Mysteriously, Tuesday afternoon remains the most popular time to stop by Storytime in the Stacks. What is happening on Tuesdays in Library Land that drives so many people to the blog? I’ll never know.

Total Posts: 48

21 Stacks Stats 2

Data Table: Displays blog statistics such as total posts, number of comments, total likes, and total words by year.

Tied with 2019 for total number of posts at 48! Although according to the total word count, I managed to say more with less this time. 🙂

Like in 2020, I was busy with writing in other places, too. Much of my writing time/energy this year went into CLEL’s Fine Free Statement & Ambassador Toolkit.

Fine Free Infographic

Types of Posts: 

  • Books: 4 (8%)
  • Flannels: 16 (33%)
  • Storytime Plans: 22 (46%)
  • Thoughts/Reflections: 6 (13%)

Flannel Friday posts really made a comeback this year! Outside Storytime inspired my creative side. I adapted many favorite flannels over the summer using oversized foam posterboards.

First vs. Last Posts:

My first post of the year was about Finding New Ways to Have Fun and connecting with my teammates virtually. By the end of 2021, my library had pivoted back to in-person everything, and I was blogging about in-person pandemic storytimes. Managed to squeeze in one last Flannel Friday for the year and shared my flannelboard version of A Chubby Little Snowman!

Shortest vs. Longest Posts:

My Thursday Thoughts post on Seuss, Yet Again was the longest piece I wrote this year. Was it really just a year ago that Republican legislators were reading Dr. Seuss books in congress instead of working on the stimulus package? Why yes, yes it was…

At a mere 132 words, two Flannel Fridays tied for the honor of shortest post: One Red Sock Makeover and A Chubby Little Snowman.

Most Popular Posts:

Flannels continue to generate the most interest on the blog. Since redoing and organizing my Flannels Page, I’ve noticed more hits than ever! It’s nice to see older posts getting some love, but I have MUCH higher standards nowadays than when I first started felting.

The most viewed post in 2021 (and the most popular post for the last several years now) is Five Baby Dragons. The most popular post written in 2021 was my Dinosaurs & Doors Early Math Makeover. Maybe the dinosaurs will give those dragons a run for their money in 2022!

Some More of My Favorites:

Out of the many flannels I shared this year, my Three-fer Flannel Friday Hen Rhymes might just be my favorite. There’s a free downloadable template, too!

I really enjoyed critically reflecting on my storytime practice in these blog posts:

Gosh darn, do I miss doing live virtual storytimes. We’re sharing pre-recorded videos these days in addition to in-person storytiming (which is great for access), but I miss the interactive element of live virtual programming. And, you know, the safety of storytiming from the screen, not in front of a room with 80 people and nary a mask in sight (besides mine)… 😭

While I’m complaining, it sure felt good to get my Bookish Library Life Pet Peeves off my chest. Who’s with me? 🙌

Looking Ahead

Another year gone by, another list of posts I wanted to write but didn’t get around to writing. I’d really like to share about my:

  • After School Kids Zone Programs
  • Bricks and Books Club
  • Favorite/New Early Math Picture Books
  • Sensory Storytime Plans
  • Special Storytime Plans (e.g. STEAM Storytime, Mindfulness Storytime)
  • Thoughts on COVID-19 as a Mass Disabling Event, Accessibility (Or Lack Thereof) and Libraries
  • Thoughts on Community & Co-Creation in Libraries
  • Thoughts on Implicit Gender Bias & Library Services to Youth
  • Thoughts on Scope Creep and the Library Lane
  • Thoughts on the Weaponization of Passion & Self-Care in the Workplace

My one word for 2022 is PAUSE. I’ve been pondering what this might mean for Storytime in the Stacks. Will I take a hiatus? Pause on new content to catch up with my backlog? Pause on sharing program posts to focus on critical reflection for awhile?

I definitely plan to skip my 2021 Reading Year in Review. If you’re curious about what I read, check out my monthly reading round ups on Instagram! I will also likely not set a reading goal for 2022…  beyond those breaks, I’m just not sure yet.

What was your favorite post from Storytime in the Stacks last year? Any particular content you’re hoping to see more of this 2022? Would love to connect in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “2021 Blogging Year in Review”

  1. Looking at ideas that you didn’t write about this year, but one that I would love to see, is something about Sensory Story Times. I know that in these still unsure days of covid that sensory might be hard to do, but I also know that it is important. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Stacey! I really love doing outreach sensory storytimes with young adults with disabilities. During these days of COVID, we have tried many different things with the class (such as a virtual version and individual sensory bags for each student). I would definitely like to blog more about our experiences!


      1. We have some young adults and older adults with disabilities that come in to our library with their groups, and I would love to brainstorm ideas to fill some time with them.

        Liked by 1 person

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