Flannel Friday: 5 Baby Dragons

Happy Flannel Friday! Click here to check out the rest of this week’s Round Up.

A few months back, my kiddos absolutely LOVED the flannel I made to go with KCLS’s fun 5 Baby Owls. I wanted something silly and similar to do with dragons last week, so I made these little darlings:

FF Baby Dragons 1

AREN’T THEY ADORABLE DON’T YOU JUST LOVE THEM?!?! I was so worried when it came time to put puffy paint on their faces, but all ended well. I based these dragons off an applique pattern I saw online.

This flannel pairs well with Who Wants a Dragon? by James Mayhew, which is all about a little lost dragon trying to find his home. No one wants him (not the witch, not the knight, etc.), until he finds his mommy! It’s a cute story that goes will with toddlers, especially since you can easily skip some pages if necessary.

I have two different versions of a fun song you can sing with these cuties. The first one is a great way to practice rhyming:

Five Baby Dragons Learning How to Roar

Five baby dragons

Learning how to ROAR.

They flap their wings,

Then say DOOR!

No, no, Mama says,

That’s not what dragons do!

This is how you roar,

Watch what I do!

(repeat with other rhyming words)


….And the second version is just silly and fun!

FF Baby Dragons 2

Five Baby Dragons Learning How to Scare

Five baby dragons

Learning how to scare.

They flap their wings,

Then blow bubbles in the air!

No, no, Mama says,

Bubbles don’t scare!

Baby dragons are supposed

To blow fire in the air!

(repeat with other silly things… until they finally blow fire!)

Yes, yes, Mama says,

And she gives them each a kiss.

Baby dragons blow fire,

Just like this!



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