Flannel Friday: One Red Sock

I’ve always thought that One Red Sock by Jennifer Sattler makes a fantastic flannel. My fabulous teammate Pearl had the idea (and the amazing artistry skills) to turn this book into a giant posterboard story for Outside Storytimes! I had the VERY hard task of making the socks… šŸ™ƒ We attached the laminated socks to the posterboard with velcro dots.

If you’re unfamiliar with this story, a purple hippo misplaces her red sock and searches everywhere for the match. It’s a delightful way to practice rhyming and color recognition!

Flannel Friday is sharing Extreme Makeovers all fall long! Give an old flannel a fresh look and share via the Flannel Friday Tumblr. Submissions will be rounded up and shared in December. New to Flannel Friday? Learn more here!

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