Flannel Friday: Little Shells, BIG Makeover

Sharing another flannel that I enlarged and adapted for outside storytimes! The original felt version looks like this:

FF Seashell 1

Flannelboard: Five felt seashells of different colors against a blue sea. The seashells open; one seashell contains a white pearl.

My new and enlarged version features stiff posterboard seashells attached to empty office paper boxes:


We say our rhyme with the different seashell colors:

Blue shell, blue shell, what do you hide?

Blue shell, blue shell, let’s look inside!”

And voila! I hid some ocean puppets in the boxes and a big white craft foam ball for the pearl.


Flannel Friday is sharing Extreme Makeovers all fall long! Give an old flannel a fresh look and share via the Flannel Friday Tumblr. Submissions will be rounded up and shared in December. New to Flannel Friday? Learn more here!

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