Flannel Friday: Crunchy Carrots

Happy Flannel Friday! Today I’m sharing one of our storytime favorite flannels from this year: crunchy carrots!


Crunchy Carrots

Six crunchy carrots growing in the ground,

Along came a bunny without a sound! (whisper)

She pulled on a top as hard as she could,

Out came a carrot! Mmm, it was good! (rub belly)

Repeat until none left

No crunchy carrots growing in the ground,

Along comes a farmer making quite a sound!


Credit: original

I ask the kids what the farmer says upon seeing all the carrots gone and they love groaning and shouting! Once a kiddo said “I’m going to kill you bunny!” so we talked a little bit about how bunnies need to eat, too. 😬

It’s amazing how adding just a little bit of variety adds SO MUCH opportunity for math talk and building math vocabulary! For example, we’ve talked about…

  • How many carrots are there?
  • Can you show me (number) with your fingers?
  • How are these carrots the same?
  • How are they different?
  • Which carrot is the biggest? What kind of big is it?
  • Which carrot is the widest?
  • Which carrot is the longest?
  • Which carrot is the shortest?
  • How do you know?
  • Which carrot should bunny eat if she is just a LITTLE hungry? Why?
  • How many carrots should bunny eat if she is REALLY hungry? Why?

I like having six carrots because it breaks the monotony of five. If we only use flannels that count down from 5 or 10, we really do kids a mathematical disservice. Starting with different numbers (like 3 or 4 or 6) is a simple way to help kids develop deeper number sense!

I love this flannel as is, but at some point I want to add numbered garden markers to this set (so we can talk about which carrot is first, second, third)… and some different kinds of vegetables… and maybe a second bunny so they have to share the carrots… 💭

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