Storytime Spotlight: Bodies, Bunnies and Dolphins

How did we get from talking about ears to oceans? Read on and find out what we did in one of my favorite flow storytimes ever! This storytime was for a mixed-age family group. Welcome & Set Expectations *Sing: Bread & Butter Read: Ears by Flowerpot Press This storytime group started off with mostly young… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Bodies, Bunnies and Dolphins

Flannel Friday: Crunchy Carrots

Happy Flannel Friday! Today I'm sharing one of our storytime favorite flannels from this year: crunchy carrots! Crunchy Carrots Six crunchy carrots growing in the ground, Along came a bunny without a sound! (whisper) She pulled on a top as hard as she could, Out came a carrot! Mmm, it was good! (rub belly) Repeat… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Crunchy Carrots