Flannel Friday: A Big Blue Sea

Looking for a new, simple flannel for babies and toddlers? Look no more! This fun ocean themed song is great for summer storytimes. It’s been a big hit with my families so far!

FF Big Blue Sea

This song is set to the tune of “A Ram Sam Sam.” I completely forgot about how much my preschoolers loved this tune back in my classroom days until Jbrary released the adaptation “A Big Sea Star” a few months ago. Thanks for the inspiration!

A Big Blue Sea

Tune: A Ram Sam Sam

A big blue sea, a big blue sea (hold hands far apart)

Little yellow fish (hold hands close together) in a big blue sea (hold hands far apart)

A big blue sea, a big blue sea

Little yellow fish in a big blue sea

A rolling wave… (palms down, swoop hands up and down like waves)

SPLASH! (slap knees)

A rolling wave…


And a little yellow fish

In a big blue sea!


Love this little ditty? Here’s some other flannel versions for your various storytime themes:

A Big Green Leaf

A Big Night Sky

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7 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: A Big Blue Sea”

    1. Hi Leslie, thank you! I always sing the song at least twice since repetition is so good for babies and toddlers. The toddlers like doing it three times with me (for the fish, the boat and the turtle) standing up and using their whole bodies! How has this song worked best with your crowd so far?


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