Storytime Spotlight: Puppies & Parks (Family Time)

Woke up to cold and freshly fallen snow! It's a perfect morning to drink hot tea and remember warmer summer storytimes. I LOVE this theme because it's so rooted in kids' everyday experiences. They bring a lot of background knowledge to the table when it comes to parks and playing outside! Welcome & Set Expectations… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Puppies & Parks (Family Time)

Flannel Friday: A Big Blue Sea

Looking for a new, simple flannel for babies and toddlers? Look no more! This fun ocean themed song is great for summer storytimes. It's been a big hit with my families so far! This song is set to the tune of "A Ram Sam Sam." I completely forgot about how much my preschoolers loved this… Continue reading Flannel Friday: A Big Blue Sea

Top 10 Tuesday: Books for the Beach… or the Back Porch!

If you're like me, you love reading on the beach! ¬†(Also if you're like me, you're a poor grad school student who must settle for the back porch). ¬†Whether you're heading for the great outdoors or staying home this summer, make sure to check out this week's link up at The Broke and the Bookish.… Continue reading Top 10 Tuesday: Books for the Beach… or the Back Porch!