Flannel Friday: Some Big Dark Clouds

Back with yet another piggyback flannel for my favorite tune! Photograph: Five grey flannel clouds set against a black flannel board background. Blue raindrops fall from the clouds. Some Big Dark CloudsTune: A Ram Sam SamSome big dark clouds, some big dark clouds.(hold hands far apart)Raindrops falling down from some big dark clouds.(wiggle fingers down… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Some Big Dark Clouds

Storytime Saturday: Rainy Days (Preschool Pack)

Now for Preschool Storytime- always my favorite!  (I separated my Flannel Friday posts this week because I used a few different books/flannels for my bigger kids and the layout is little different, especially for Letter of the Week). Welcome/Opening Songs: I start with a “thumbs” check in.  Then I put out two thumbs up because… Continue reading Storytime Saturday: Rainy Days (Preschool Pack)

Storytime Saturday: Rainy Days (Toddler Time)

It's spring and you know what that means... RAIN!  (Or, if you live in Colorado... SNOW!) So even though it's been snowing, we forged ahead with a rainy days theme storytime this week and the kiddos loved it!  First up is the plan for Toddler Time.  Here's some of the books I had ready to… Continue reading Storytime Saturday: Rainy Days (Toddler Time)