Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Imagination

Sing: Good Morning to You* Welcome/Introduction/Announcements During my welcome and pre-storytime announcements, I asked the adults to stay nearby to help type their child's answers to questions in the chat box and to turn the camera on/off. I also asked them to grab ten SOMETHINGS to build with later - blocks, cups, whatever. I had… Continue reading Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Imagination

Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Rainy Day Feels

This storytime plan was inspired by our recent wacky September weather - as in 90 degree weather one day and rain/snow the next! Highlights below; full script available by clicking here. Sing: Hi, Hello and How Are You?* Welcome Sing: If You're Ready for a Story...* Read: Rain! by Linda Ashman We looked at the… Continue reading Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Rainy Day Feels

Storytime Spotlight: Let’s Hop in a Box

Many thanks to my fabulous coworker and friend Tanya Prax for putting together such a fun storytime this week and letting me share it!  My only tweak was sneaking in a few extra flannels and swapping my usual weekly hat out for a box.  🙂 Here's how it went with the toddlers... Theme Introduction: I… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Let’s Hop in a Box