Flannel Friday: Clean and Dirty Cars

Photograph: Three different color cars constructed from stiff posterboard. Two are clean; one is spattered with brown paint representing mud. I had so much fun adapting this classic Clean and Dirty Pigs flannel rhyme! Big thanks to my Flannel Friday friends for their input. I made these enlarged posterboard props for outdside storytimes, but I… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Clean and Dirty Cars

Storytime Spotlight: Above & Below Again

Back again with another opposites post! Shortly after my first Above and Below storytime, I got to cover an evening storytime and do this theme again. I LOVE covering evening storytimes because we usually see some older kiddos. At this storytime my youngest was 2, my oldest was in 3rd grade and I had just… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Above & Below Again

Storytime Spotlight: Above & Below

Blogging today to share one of my favorite recent storytime plans! The inspiration for this storytime came from Fountas & Pinnell's Verbal Path for the Formation of Letters. I used these motions often as a teacher (click on the image for more): When our focus rolled around to Letter Knowledge last month, I started thinking… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Above & Below