Flannel Friday: Clean and Dirty Cars

FF Clean Dirty Cars

Photograph: Three different color cars constructed from stiff posterboard. Two are clean; one is spattered with brown paint representing mud.

I had so much fun adapting this classic Clean and Dirty Pigs flannel rhyme! Big thanks to my Flannel Friday friends for their input. I made these enlarged posterboard props for outdside storytimes, but I definitely plan on making a felt version soon for in-person storytimes as well. 

Here’s how it goes:

Clean and Dirty Cars

Tune: Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Three cars so squeaky clean,

Shiniest you’ve ever seen,

Wanted to go out for a drive.


One drove into the mud.

Spun out with a great big THUD!

Now there’s only 2 clean and shiny cars…

Repeat: 2, 1… now there’s no clean or shiny cars!



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