Storytime Spotlight: It Started with a Snow Plow and Ended with a Duck

Wondering how we got from trucks to ducks? Here's a recent go with the flow mixed-age family storytime! Welcome & Set Expectations *Sing: Clap Everybody and Say Hello Flannel: Saw a Snowflake... This is a fun counting up OR down song I like to sing in winter! It's a very versatile tune. This time we… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: It Started with a Snow Plow and Ended with a Duck

Flannel Friday: Oink, Oink, Pink Pig

Happy Flannel Friday!  I've got the Round-Up this week.  You can check out everyone's awesome creations by clicking here. This week I'm sharing another Brown Bear, Brown Bear-esque flannel with farm friends.  This is a fun one with babies or toddlers!  When I do this with babies, we say "It's Walkin Ol' Joe!" when we… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Oink, Oink, Pink Pig

Flannel Friday: Little Chick

Thank you Wendy at Flannel Board Fun for hosting the Flannel Friday Round Up this week!  If you something landed here without stopping THERE first, you'll definitely want to go back and look at what everyone else is up to.  You can also check out the blog, Facebook page, or Pinerest page.  Happy Friday! I've got another… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Little Chick

Flannel Friday: My Friend Duck

Happy Friday my friends in flannel world!  Hope your summer reading is going well.  Not only are we crazy busy, but our story times have gotten even bigger too.  This week I had so much fun with one of my favorite story time themes ever- things that go! I actually made three flannels this week… Continue reading Flannel Friday: My Friend Duck