Flannel Friday: More Hats

Last year I shared some felt patterns to make a Hat Hiding Game. I’m back today with even MORE hats! Over the past year I’ve added an astronaut helmet, hard hat, graduation cap, chef hat, party hats, baseball cap, winter hat and a stocking/sleeping cap (that is always confused with a wizard hat… but that’s besides the point)!

I love this flannel because it’s super fun, easy to work into multiple storytime themes, and because it’s a great opportunity to build background knowledge! Before we play, we spend a little time talking about how the hats are the same/different, why/when people usually wear them, etc.

I pair these hats with my farm and animal faces and leave a little bit of the face peeking underneath. Here’s some of the rhymes we use:

Where Could You Be?

Walrus, walrus, where could you be?

Are you under the hard hat?

Let’s look and see!

(repeat with other animals)


Another nice general rhyme…

Who Is That?

Who is that? Who is that?

Who’s under the cowboy hat?


When we’re looking for cat in particular…

My Friend Cat

My friend cat

Is hiding under a hat!

Is my friend cat

Underneath the football hat?

After finding cat, say…

My friend cat

WAS hiding under a hat!

If THAT’S not cat,

Then who’s underneath the baseball cap?


Sometimes we play along to a more Mouse House-esque tune…


Little cat, little cat

Are you under the party hat?


You can grab my pattern for ALL of these hats, plus lyrics and a list of my favorite read-along titles, by clicking on the image below! Multiple hat sizes included:

hats file

I based the animal faces off clip art by Creative Cat and Co on Etsy.

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