Storytime Spotlight: Planes, Trains, Fire Trucks & Farm Friends

How did we get from planes and trains to fire trucks and the farm? Read on to find out about our latest flow storytime adventure! This mixed-age family crowd was mostly composed of preschoolers and up, plus a few toddlers.

Welcome & Set Expectations

*Sing: Clap Everybody & Say Hello

Read: Giant Pop Out Vehicles

Love reading guessing books when we focus on building background knowledge! The big kids enjoyed guessing and the pop-outs really appealed to the younger kiddos in the crowd.

“Which vehicle had long hoses and a loud siren? A fire truck! We’re going to drive a fire truck and fight a fire, but first we need to get dressed. Can you help me write a list of all the things we need to wear, so we don’t forget to put something important on?”

Write: Firefighter Equipment List


The kiddos did a great job helping me come up with an equipment list! As they suggested items, we talked about WHY firefighters wear a helmet, gloves, etc. No one suggested the mask at first, so I asked HOW are we going to breathe safely if there’s lots of smoke?

Literacy Message: Building Background Knowledge by Asking Questions

“Grown-ups, understanding what you read is much easier when you know a lot about the world and how it works! You can help your child build the background knowledge they need to be good readers by asking questions, especially questions that start with “how” or “why.” When you talk about the how and why something works, you help your child build up a big bank of background knowledge to draw from when they read.”

Sing: Helmet, Jacket, Pants & Boots

Tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”

Helmet, jacket, pants and boots, pants and boots.

Helmet, jacket, pants and boots, pants and boots.

When we fight a fire this is what we do-

Wear our helmet, jacket, pants and boots, pants and boots!


credit: adapted from traditional tune

Sing: Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Fire Truck

We had to drive around town several times to put out fires. Must have been a lot of people breaking the fire ban! 🙂

We used these nifty steering wheels someone made at my library ages ago:


Play: Mouse House Flannel


The kiddos helped me find the fire station and we parked the fire truck… then we looked for a little mouse! That sneaky little mouse was hiding in the barn. And where do we find barns? On the farm!

Read: Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boynton

One toddler had the LOUDEST laugh while reading this book. He just couldn’t stop! Which of course got the rest of us giggling. After we recovered, we went on a horse ride.

Sing: Walkin’ Old Joe (Stretchy Band)

This was my first time doing this song with the stretchy band (and singing it acapella) and we loved it! Previewing the movements beforehand for walking, galloping and pulling back on the “reigns” for “whoah!” really helped the song go smoothly.

Sing: Big Red Tractor (Stretchy Band)

“Do you remember in our book which vehicle had big wheels and plowed the fields on a farm? A tractor!”

Tune of “Little Red Wagon”

Plowing through the fields in my big red tractor.

Plowing through the fields in my big red tractor.

Plowing through the fields in my big red tractor.

Won’t you be my darling?


credit: adapted from traditional tune

Learning Through Play

*Please visit this page to learn more about my regular storytime songs and routines.

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