Flannel Friday: More Hats

Last year I shared some felt patterns to make a Hat Hiding Game. I'm back today with even MORE hats! Over the past year I've added an astronaut helmet, hard hat, graduation cap, chef hat, party hats, baseball cap, winter hat and a stocking/sleeping cap (that is always confused with a wizard hat... but that's… Continue reading Flannel Friday: More Hats

Flannel Friday: Party Hat Hiding Game

Breaking my month-long blogging hiatus with a fun Flannel Friday post today! Last month I gave one of my favorite hat flannels a little makeover by adding a bunch of patterned party hats! I hid farm animal friends underneath. First we explored some math talk opportunities, such as... How are these hats the same? How… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Party Hat Hiding Game

Flannel Friday: I Lost My Sock!

Have you seen I Lost My Sock: A Matching Mystery by P.J. Roberts? I fell in love with this book as soon as I read it, BUT it's a bit small for storytime.... which means it's a perfect candidate for flannel! The illustrations are full of basic shapes so it also wasn't hard to freehand,… Continue reading Flannel Friday: I Lost My Sock!