Flannel Friday: Frozen Penguin

Ever since I heard the Frozen Penguin song by Caspar Babypants, I’ve been wanting to make a flannelboard to go along with it!

Flannel Frozen Penguin

Flannelboard: A cozy penguin clad in winter wear.

I used this free clip art image from My Cute Graphics for my penguin template: https://www.mycutegraphics.com/graphics/winter/cute-winter-penguin.html

This is such a fun snuggle song for baby storytime. I encourage caregivers to rock and squeeze their little one during the chorus:

Frozen penguin, lonely in the cold snow.
Frozen penguin, I will warm you up.
Frozen penguin, lonely in the cold snow.
Frozen penguin, I will warm you up!

Then we gently touch baby’s head, legs, and so on during the verses. This is a cumulative song, so each verse builds off the one before:

Put some boots on your feet (Put some boots on your feet)
Put some boots on your feet
On your feet (On your feet)
On your legs (On your legs)
On your back (On your back)
On your chest (On your chest)
‘Round your neck (‘Round your neck)
On your head (On your head)
Whoa oh oh oh…

What’s your favorite Caspar Babypants song?

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2 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Frozen Penguin”

  1. So cute! Caspar Babypants has such an extensive catalog, I hadn’t heard this one. My favorites tend to be the ones that are a little longer and lyrical like The Stump Hotel, Disco Hippo, My Flea has Dogs, Stompy the Bear, $9.99. But for storytime, l do love his versions of All the Fish and Ring Around the Rosie, and Take the Sun is fun, too!

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