Virtual Storytime Spotlight: B is for Baths & Bedtime

Have you ever noticed just how many letter B words relate to Bedtime? Baths, Blankets, Bears, Beds, Brushing, Bonnets… and so a storytime plan is born!

Sing: Hello, Hello*


During my welcome and pre-storytime announcements, I asked the grown-ups to find a substitute scarf for their child and to stay nearby throughout storytime to help type answers in the chat box. I also thanked them for making reading a part of their bedtime routine, because…

Lit Tip: Reading Routines & Print Motivation

Reading together at bedtime is a great way to help your little one build print motivation. Learning to read is HARD WORK. The more positive memories your child has of reading books and cuddling close with you NOW, the more motivated they will be to learn how to read on their own LATER!

Sing: If You’re Ready for a Story…*

Read: How Do You Take a Bath? by Kate McMullan

Kiddos love how this book compares people vs. animal baths with silly illustrations!

Sing: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (x3)

Speaking of baths, we grabbed some substitute scarves and washed off from head to toe. After our baths, we were ready to be tucked in.

Read: Tuck Me In! by Dean Hacohen

FF Teddy Bears Blankets

Rhyme: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Are You Under the Blanket Square? (flannel)

Uh-oh… I couldn’t find my teddy bear for bedtime! The kiddos helped me look for my brown bear under the different blankets.

Rhyme: Four in the Bed

I had the families turn on their cameras and show me their fingers for “Four in the Bed” (which is a lot like Ten in the Bed, just starting from the number four, because using ten all the time doesn’t help kids develop a meaningful sense of numbers). ANYWAYS…

Sing: Sleeping Bunnies by Kathy Reid-Naiman (x3)

Turn/Talk/Type: Animal Suggestions

We sang this song a few times through. I asked the kids to make suggestions in the chat box for additional verses.

Read: Hush Little Baby by Brian Pinkney

I had the families unmute so they could sing this book with me, but most of them seemed unfamiliar with the tune! Luckily, everyone was able to join in for…

Sing: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star / ¿Estrellita, Donde Estas?

Sing: Our Storytime is Over, Wave Goodbye*

*Please visit this page to learn more about my regular storytime songs and routines.

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