Virtual Storytime Spotlight: ROUND

This virtual storytime plan was so much fun! TOO MUCH fun, in fact. We ran 7 minutes over time… oops!

Sing: Hi, Hello & How Are You?


During my welcome and pre-storytime announcements, I asked the grown-ups to stay nearby throughout storytime to help type answers in the chat box. I also asked them to help manage the camera, because we were going to turn it on/off throughout storytime. Lastly, I asked them to find something to use as a substitute scarf, such as a washcloth or paper towel.

Sing: If You’re Happy and You Know It…*

Sing: If You’re Ready for a Story…*

Read: Circles by Yusuke Yonezu

During this fun “guess what” book, I encouraged families to talk and type their predictions in the chat box.

Lit Tip: Learning Shapes & Letter Knowledge

Grown-ups, did you know that when you talk about shapes, you’re helping your child build early math AND early literacy skills? Letters are made of lines and shapes! The more shapes your child recognizes, the easier time they will have learning to read and write!

Talk: One of These Things… (Flannel)

FF Round Things

This is such a fun, simple conversational flannel. I put up objects one by one on the board and label a common attribute – “oranges are round… donuts are round…” Then I add an object that clearly doesn’t fit – “pizza slices are round” (although pizza pies can be round, of course). The kids love correcting me!

I tied this to my literacy message by including letters – “Letter O is round… Letter B is round… Letter L is round.” NO IT’S NOT!

Lit Tip: Spatial Vocabulary & Letter Knowledge

Speaking of letters, learning to write letters is a lot easier if your child understands spatial language! When you use words like “round, straight, above and below” you help your child learn the spatial vocabulary they need in order to form letters correctly. Our next song includes many of these words…

Sing: Wave Your Scarf…

Tune: London Bridge is Falling Down

Wave your scarf up and down,

Up and down, up and down.

Wave your scarf up and down,

Up and down.

Repeat: back and forth round and round


Sing: Popcorn Kernels

Read: The Button Book by Sally Nicholls


Instead of singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” on this page, I asked the families to suggest one of their favorite songs to sing together in the chat box after reading “What shall we sing this time?” Although someone suggested we sing “Life Is a Highway” (LOL), we ended up singing “You Are My Sunshine.”


The Button Book ends with this lovely nighttime spread. I directed attention to the round moon in the window and told everyone to get ready for a rocket ride!

Sing: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom…


“What do you see in outer space? Turn and talk with your grown-up! Grown-ups, please share what your child says in the chat box.”

Sing: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star /¿Estrellita, Donde Estas?

We saw stars in outer space, so of course had to sing about them! And speaking of the sun and the stars and the moon…

Read: Round is a Mooncake by Roseanne Thong

BK Round Mooncake Close Up

Play: Shape Scavenger Hunt

I had everyone turn their cameras on during Round is a Mooncake so that they could participate in the various shape scavenger hunts while we read our story! They found all sorts of great shapes to bring to the camera… lots of rectangular cell phones!

Sing: Our Storytime is Over, Wave Goodbye…*

*Please visit this page to learn more about my regular storytime songs and routines.

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