Flannel Friday: One Astronaut Went Out to Play…

Back with another out of this world flannel for “A Universe of Stories” this summer 2019 – or any good old outer space/night sky storytime!

I made this set using FREE clip art from My Cute Graphics (link included in the credits below). I’m about to go to 5th grade graduation for my first ever Kindergarten class, so feeling sentimental, I named my space crew after some of my kiddos. Where did the years go?! 😭

one astronaut dark.jpg

One Astronaut Went Out to Play…

Tune of “One Elephant Went Out to Play”

One astronaut went out to play

In outer space so far away.

She had such enormous fun,

She called for another astronaut to come!

“Oh, Astronaaaaaauuuuut!”

Repeat and count on with 2, 3, 4…


Clip Art Credit: My Cute Graphics

I like to surprise my kiddos with an alien arrival at the end!

one astronaut dark 2

Check out the #FFSummerReading19 hashtag on the Flannel Friday Tumblr to find even more fun ideas! What are you doing for Summer Reading?

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