2018 Year in Review: Board Books

2018 End Year Board Books.jpg

Back with Part Two of 2018 Board Books in Review! Here’s Part One.

Did I miss a great book from 2018? Have you tried one of these titles yet? Was it a smashing success or a flop? Please share!

⭐️= favorite

👎= nope

Let’s start by looking at board books about one of my FAVORITE subjects in the world- babies!

Autumn Babies/Winter Babies by Kathryn O. Galbraith
From rolling in leaves to stomping in snow, each season brings its own special delights for baby to enjoy. Love the everyday diversity of the babies!


⭐️Kiss by Kiss/Ocêtôwina: A Counting Book for Families by Richard van Camp
The cuteness factor in this sweet counting board book is almost too much to handle. Nothing better than seeing diverse happy babies being cuddled!

go baby go dog.jpg

⭐️Go Baby! Go Dog! by Anne Vittur Kennedy
Follow baby’s tenacious journey round the house to catch that dog! Can’t wait to read in baby storytime. Super cute AND clever – love that there’s actually a storyline!

Who? A Celebration of Babies by Robie Harris
A sweet exploration of diverse babies and the people and they love to be with! Lots of repetition to draw in young readers.

Here’s some board books with fun flaps/features:

Let’s Go, Ted! by Sophy Henn
Ted the toddler is back for another board book! This time, Ted’s imagination knows no bounds. His cardboard box can be anything, from a speedy race car to a deep dive submarine. Love the flaps, the everyday diversity, and the fun noises. Great read-aloud for toddler time!


⭐️Lois Looks for Bob At Home and At the Park by Gerry Turley
Little ones will love helping Lois the cat look for her friend! Lots of fun flaps to manipulative and surprises. Can’t wait for the next two installments in 2019 (at the beach and at the museum!)

Pet the Pets by Sarah Lynne Reul
Perfect choice for little ones to play and learn how to take care of pets at the same time! Great interactive read for older toddlers and preschoolers.

ten horse farm.jpg

⭐️Ten Horse Farm by Robert Sabuda
What a beautiful pop-up book! Simple but stunning take on horses galloping, grazing, and lazing through the day. Love the vocabulary!

rhyme flies.jpg

⭐️Rhyme Flies by Antonia Pesenti
This fun lift-the-flap board book is full of surprises. I love the high contrast illustrations and unexpected humor. Great for the older toddler/preschooler!

why the face.jpg

⭐️Why the Face? by Jean Julien
Another fantastic Phaidon board book! Readers will have tons of fun guessing why the clear, expressive faces feel the way they do! Surprises wait behind every flap, from stinky socks to blaring music bands. Can’t wait to read this at storytime! What a great way to build emotional intelligence.

Here’s some concept board books:


Animal 123 and Animal ABC by Jonathan Lambert
Top marks for the clear way math and literacy concepts are conveyed in these beautiful board books! Really like the big flaps and illustrations. I just love Lambert’s work!

Arf! Buzz! Cluck! A Rather Noisy Alphabet by Eric Seltzer
A loud and proud alphabet celebration! Learn what noises animals make from A to Z in this rootin’-tootin’ rhyming read.

Hidden Animals by Agnese Baruzzi
Now you see an orange pentagon, but look again and see… a lion! A lovely exploration of shapes and colors. I like how this book includes shapes like pentagons, semicircles and ovals.


⭐️Hero vs. Villain: A Book of Opposites by T. Nat Fuller
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a brand new board book about superheroes for storytime! At first the line seems clear between hero and villain, right and wrong, good and bad… are these two enemies sworn to fight forever? Or can they find a way to be friends? Love the everyday diversity and bright illustrations. Nearly wordless so prepare to narrate a bit!

Let’s Go Outside by Kate Riggs
This board book is the perfect size and story for a small baby/young toddler storytime! Charming exploration of all the opposites around while walking the dog.


👎Shapes by Wei-Ting Lin
Boxes are not squares. Boxes are cubes. Basketballs are not circles. Basketballs are spheres. Great idea, unfortunate execution.

ten kisses.jpg

👎10 Little Chicks and 10 Little Kisses by Taylor Garland
Is it too much to ask that the math matches the text? That’s 7 piggies, not 5!

Moo-ving on to fun board books featuring animals! 🙂


⭐️The Chilly Penguin by Constance von Kitzing
How do chilly penguins warm up in the snow? What a cute story! Just the right blend of repetition and humor for toddlers. What could possibly go wrong with lighting a fire on the ice?

Hello, Love! by Taro Miura
How do animals say hello? Find out in this absolutely adorable board book featuring friendly fish, darling ducks, and more!

hi five animals.jpg

⭐️Hi-Five Animals! by Rose Burach
Say hello to a bunch of brightly illustrated animals with big grins in this new interactive board book! Toddlers will love swapping greetings with a host of brightly illustrated animals with big grins, from monkeys in trees to sharks in the seas.

Little White Fish and the Beautiful Sea
and Little White Fish and His Daddy by Guido van Genecthen
Hooray for more undersea explorations with Little White Fish! This series contains some of my all-time favorite titles for toddler storytime. I don’t love these quite as much as I love the earlier Little White Fish stories, but they are still solid storytime selections!


⭐️Yoga Bear: Simple Animal Poses for Little Ones by Sarah Jane Hinder
Fantastic resource for integrating easy yoga poses into storytime!

And now for my final board book favorites of 2018…


⭐️Rosa Plays Ball, Loves Cars, Loves Dinosaurs by Jessica Spanyol
The author of the wonderful Clive board books is back with a new fantastic main character! Rosa is my kind of girl. She plays with cars, dinosaurs, soccer balls and more along with a great diverse crew of kiddos.


⭐️Vroom Vroom Garbage Truck by Asia Citro & Tro Cummings
Full of fun noises to make and bright illustrations to behold! What a fun look at a garbage truck’s busy day traveling across town. Great way to build narrative skills with toddlers and young preschoolers! There’s also a nice nod to adults.  🙂

will sheep.jpg

⭐️Will Sheep Sleep? Will Ladybug Hug? Will Bear Share? by Hilary Leung
So here for these sweet, sometimes silly, and surprising board books all about life’s challenges – from sharing to sleeping and even consent! Perfect for the toddlers in your life!

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