Flannel Friday: Baby, Baby, Who Do You See?

Happy Flannel Friday! This is a fun one to do with babies/toddlers. I like to change it up and use random family members instead of the entire set, so sometimes the family has a mommy and no daddy, sometimes just 1 sibling, sometimes just a dog and no cat, etc.

FF Family Faces

Baby, baby, who do you see?

I see my sister looking at me!

(repeat with other family members and pets)

Pattern: based off free clip art set

When I use this with babies, we end by asking the puppy who he sees?  He sees Uncle John, so… it’s time to bounce!  🙂  Again, this is a rhyme I adapt to make more inclusive for my families.  Sometimes Mother and Baby bounce with Uncle John, sometimes Sister and Baby and Uncle John… etc.

Mother and Father and Uncle John

Went to Boston one by one.

Mother fell off- whoah!

Father fell off- whoah!

But Uncle John went riding on and on and on!


Many thanks to Amy over at Catch the Possibilities this week for hosting!  And as always, check the Flannel Friday websiteFacebook, and Pinterest accounts for more information and fun flannel creations!

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