Flannel Friday: Do Lions Live on Lily Pads?

Today I’m so excited to share one of my favorite books-turned-into- flannel:

do lions live on lily pads

This is such a fun story with super cute illustrations about where animals live!  It’s a great introduction to habitats.  The repetition and silliness makes it a great toddler read.  Unfortunately, the book is a tad small, and it’s out of print… making it a perfect flannel candidate!


Here’s how it goes:

Is this the nest of a goat?

No, it belongs to a bird.

Do crocodiles live in shells?

No, but snails do…

Do elephants live in houses?

No, but families do!

Click here for the free Pattern!

You get the idea.  I used mostly illustrations from the book, but added a verse at the end because I really wanted to use this flannel for my Families themed storytimes this week.  ðŸ™‚

This was a HUGE hit with my toddler crowd.  They loved yelling “NO!” when I put silly animal/home combinations on the board and telling me who the right animals were.  I asked why elephants do not live in houses (they don’t fit, duh Ms. Jessica!) and we talked about who lives in our houses in our families.

Happy Flannel Friday!  Check out all of the amazing creations from this week’s Round Up by clicking here.  New to Flannel Friday and want to learn more?  Check out the blog and see what we’re all about!  Don’t see what you need in this week’s round up?  Check out our Pinterest boards!

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