Flannel Friday: See the Olympians

FF Olympians

Happy Friday and hopefully a long Labor Day weekend everyone!  This is a set I made a few weeks ago during the Olympics to go with a fun action rhyme my wonderful co-worker Janell came up with.  Here it goes:

tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb

See the runners run, run, run

Run run run, run run run.

See the runners run, run, run

At the Olympics!

(repeat with other athletes and actions- swimmers swim, riders jump, wrestlers roll, gymnasts twirl, etc).

I made this fun set by using the following technique.  It was pretty easy and I love how the figures turned out!  (In fact it was so easy I may never make time-consuming felt sets again… just kidding!  T-shirt transfer paper actually can be pretty expensive).  One thing I want to emphasize is that you need an INK JET printer for this to work.  Do not try to put fabric transfer paper through a laser printer.  It will be bad.  Very bad.  Also, if the paper starts turning yellow while you’re ironing- STOP!  If it starts to smell like something’s burning… STOP!  🙂

I used clip art from a set I purchased from David’s Simple Teaching on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Thanks Lisa for hosting this week!  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the round-up at Libraryland!!

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