Storytime Saturday: Rainy Days (Toddler Time)

It’s spring and you know what that means… RAIN!  (Or, if you live in Colorado… SNOW!)

So even though it’s been snowing, we forged ahead with a rainy days theme storytime this week and the kiddos loved it!  First up is the plan for Toddler Time.  Here’s some of the books I had ready to go:

Welcome/Opening Songs:

  • I start with a “thumbs” check in.  Then I put out two thumbs up because “I’m so happy to see everyone, read stories and sing/dance today!”
  • If You’re Happy and You Know It – Traditional
  • Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Letter of the Week: N

  • Sing ABC Song
  • Find letter N on chart
  • Name letter N words (flannel)
  • Kiss your brain!

Fingerplay: Itsy Bitsy Spider

The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout.

Down came the rain and washed the spider out!

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain.

So the itsy bitsy spider crawled up the spout again.



To make this rhyme a little easier for my littles, we followed this version below.  We did it twice since our ECRR skill was READ this week and I focused on repetition.  First we did it once together, then we taught it to our grown up!  🙂

Book #1: Red Rubber Boot Day by Mary Lyn Ray

This book goes much better with the littles if you act out the pages- such as breathing deeply when “I press my nose against the screen and smell the smell of rain and screen.”

Action Song: Boots by Laurie Berkner

This song got a little long, but the kiddos still enjoyed it- especially hopping around in our frog boots!

Action Song: Can You Jump Jump Jump? (tune of Do Your Ears Hang Low?)

Can you jump jump jump?

Can you hop hop hop?

Can you clap clap clap?

Can you stomp stomp stomp?

Can you nod your head yes?

Can you shake your head no?

And can you sit down very slow?


Credit: adapted from 1234 More Storytimes

Transition: Storytime Stretch

Stretch to the window, stretch to the door

Stretch to the ceiling, stretch to the floor

Hands in our laps, we’re ready for more!

Let’s start our story in 5 and 4…3…2…1…now (whisper towards end)

Book #2: Kite Day by Will Hillenbrand

Definitely our favorite book!  We had lots of fun “running” to try and save the kite when the wind blows it away.  It was the perfect book to transition to our flannel guessing game.

Flannel: Where Oh Where Has My Little Kite Gone?

kite flannel

Craft: Under the Umbrella Scene

Next time I’m thinking of doing this with a cupcake liner for the umbrella and cotton balls for clouds, or maybe making a paper towel roll rainstick!

Next up… Rainy Days with the Preschool Pack!

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