Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Hide and Seek

Sharing my first virtual storytime from 2021 (four months later...) Highlights below; full script available by clicking here. Sing: Hi, Hello and How Are You?* Welcome During my welcome and pre-storytime announcements, I asked the audience to grab a substitute scarf - something like a washcloth or a jacket. I also reminded the grown-ups to… Continue reading Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Hide and Seek

Baby Storytime Spotlight: Toys & Tots

Here was a fun baby storytime plan from December! This was my first official "solo storytime" with my mentor observing at my new library: *Sing: Good Morning to You Welcome/Introductions: What is Baby's Favorite Toy? Every week (if our group is small enough) I encourage the caregivers to introduce themselves, their baby and share a… Continue reading Baby Storytime Spotlight: Toys & Tots

Flannel Friday: One Block Two Blocks

Whipped up this easy peasy flannel rhyme for baby storytime in December and I'm FINALLY getting around to sharing it! This fun flannel goes great with a shapes, imagination, construction, play or toy storytime theme: One Block, Two Blocks One block, two blocks, Three blocks, four. Five blocks, six blocks, Seven blocks, more! Eight blocks,… Continue reading Flannel Friday: One Block Two Blocks