Flannel Friday: So Much by Trish Cooke

When I picked up So Much by Trish Cooke and Helen Oxenbury, I knew I had to make this loving Black family into a flannel. If you haven’t encountered this delightful cumulative classic before, here’s the jacket description:

“Mom and baby are home alone when—DING DONG!—Auntie and then Uncle and Nannie and Gran-Gran and the cousins come to visit. And they all want to hug and kiss and squeeze and eat the baby right up—because everybody loves the baby SO MUCH!”

FF So Much

Flannelboard: Felt faces adapted from the Black family in the picture book “So Much” by Trish Cooke.

I like to stick true to the story’s repetitious, rhythmic text when using this flannel with toddlers. When I use this flannel for baby storytime, I shorten/adapt the text to be a bit more Brown Bear-esque:

Baby, baby, who do you see?
I see my Mommy looking at me.

Baby, baby, who do you see?
I see Auntie Bibba looking at me – and she wants to SQUEEZE ME!
(squeeze baby)

Baby, baby, who do you see?
I see Uncle Didi looking at me – and he wants to KISS ME!
(kiss baby)

As it turns out, everyone is coming over not just to see the baby, but to celebrate Daddy’s birthday! We like to insert a quick verse of the Happy Birthday song into the story before putting that tired, happy baby into bed.

Flannel Friday is celebrating our Favorite Flannels for Babies! Submit your favorite baby storytime flannelboards (both old and new) to the Flannel Friday Tumblr throughout January and February. Submissions will be rounded up and shared in December. New to Flannel Friday? Learn more here!

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