Thursday Thoughts: Room for Every Feeling

Content Warning/Disclosure: I am not a mental health professional. This blog post does not contain any expert or qualified advice; rather, it is an exploration of my feelings as a public library professional during a pandemic, and how I personally am starting to manage those feelings. There will be things like quotes from Mr. Rogers!… Continue reading Thursday Thoughts: Room for Every Feeling

Toddler Storytime Spotlight: Sounds All Around

I presented this plan to a toddler group the same morning I shared Night Sounds with our mixed-age family crowd. Like that plan, I love how everything in this storytime revolved around phonological awareness and gave me many messaging opportunities (in case if my planned message moment didn't work out). We started with sounds round… Continue reading Toddler Storytime Spotlight: Sounds All Around

Family Storytime Spotlight: Night Sounds

For every post I share a new storytime plan, I'm also going to try and share a plan from last year at my former library system. We had so much fun that I never got around to blogging about! Here's a plan I presented with a mixed-age family group when our monthly focus was phonological… Continue reading Family Storytime Spotlight: Night Sounds