Baby Storytime Spotlight: From Head to Toe

It feels like just yesterday I was blogging about my first in-person baby storytime since the pandemic started! Now I’m sharing my last baby storytime plan for… who knows how long? I recently accepted a youth services position with my previous library system and will specialize in serving ages 5-12 through school outreach. Giving up storytimes will be a BIG change, but I think I’m ready to do something different.

Welcome/Introductions/Pair Share: Recent Milestone

Sing: Let’s All Clap…*

Rhyme: This is Big, Big, Big*

Tickle: Round and Round the Batter Bowl*

Bounce: Mix a Pancake*

Sing: Everybody Clap Your Hands by Nancy Kopman


Read: Hands Can by Cheryl Willis Hudson

Did you know you can sing this book to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”?!

Sing: Hands Are Clapping…

Tune: Skip To My Lou

Hands are clapping, clap, clap, clap
Hands are clapping, clap, clap, clap
Hands are clapping, clap, clap, clap
Clap your hands, my darling!

Toes are tapping, eyes are hiding


Sing: Peekaboo

Tune: Frere Jacques

Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo,
I see you! I see you!
I see your button nose, I see your tiny toes!
Peek-a-boo! I see you!


Sing: Shaky Shaky by The Wiggles (shakers)

Sing: Can You Shake Along With Me?

Tune: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Can you shake along with me?
Along with me, along with me,
Can you shake along with?
Put your shaker on your… knee!

(repeat with other body parts)


Lit Tip: Writing is a Whole Body Effort

Grown-ups, so often we think about writing as something you do with your hands, but writing is actually a whole body effort from head to toe! Writing takes fine motor skills in our hands, which we just helped build with our shaker songs. Writing also takes bilateral coordination – we’ll talk more about that at the end of storytime. AND writing takes hand-eye coordination, which we’re going to start building right now by playing with bubbles!

Play: Bubbles

Rhyme: Tick Tock Cuckoo Clock*

Sing: Goodbye, Goodbye*

Stay and Play

Since we talked about how important bilateral coordination movement is to writing, I brought out the play tunnel for the babies today!

*Please visit this page to learn more about my regular storytime songs and routines.

And that was that! We had a wonderful last morning together. On to the next adventure!

Don’t worry about storytime content disappearing from the site. I’ve got hundreds of storytime plans past!

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