Flannel Friday: Where Do They Go?

While recently on the hunt for new baby storytime rhymes and songs, I came across this super cute rhyme from The Youth Desk:

Where do your shoes go?
There, there, there.
Where does your hat go?
Hair, hair, hair.
Where does the food go?
In your tum!
Where does your diaper go?
On your bum!

I love how my flannelboard version of this fun tickle rhyme turned out!


Flannelboard: A felt baby with dark tan skin and brown hair sucks a pacifier. The baby wears a diaper, bonnet and blue socks.

For the flannelboard, I changed “shoes” to “socks” since I wasn’t happy with how any of my felt shoes were turning out. I also adapted the lyrics a little bit:

Where does a diaper go?
On your bum!
Where do tickles go?
On your tum!
Where do socks go?
On your feet!
Where do kisses go?
On your cheek!

The pieces are detachable, so I dress the flannel baby as we say the rhyme the first time through. Then we repeat the rhyme with our own littles on our laps!

Flannel Friday is sharing our favorite flannels for babies throughout January and February! Submissions will be rounded up and shared in early March. New to Flannel Friday? Learn more by visiting the Flannel Friday website!

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