Baby Storytime Spotlight: Back to Storytime Feels

Back in August, my library returned to indoor, in-person storytimes. For more about that, check out this post.

I agonized for weeks over this plan… I was really freaking out over both safety concerns AND delivering the very first (or first memorable) storytimes of these babies’ and toddlers’ lives! No pressure. 😬

Sing: Good Morning to You*


I welcomed everyone back to our first week of in-person storytimes… SINCE MARCH 2020! Here’s how my message went:

Good morning and welcome to storytime for babies between 0 to 24 months! Thank you so much for coming. Storytime is the most important and absolute favorite part of my day, and I’m so glad you made it a part of your day, too!

Then I asked the caregivers to introduce themselves, their babies and share their baby’s age. After each baby was introduced, we sang a clapping song with their names.

Sing: Let’s All Clap…*

Rhyme: This is Big, Big, Big*

Gosh those babies are growing up so fast and getting SO BIG! Let’s do This is Big, Big, Big…

Bounce: Toast in the Toaster (x3)*

Those babies must be eating breakfast every day to get so big! Before we began bouncing, I took a moment to say:

We’re going to sing and bounce and have a great time this morning. If your baby doesn’t want to do a particular activity or if they want to take a break, that’s okay! We trust babies to know what they need to feel good. Please just help your baby keep away from the cords behind my storytime bench.

Speaking of food, after our breakfast rhyme I reminded families to please save snacks for after storytime and outside the storytime room.

Sing: Everybody Clap Your Hands by Nancy Kopman

My elephant puppet Ellie loves hiding behind her big ears and playing peekaboo with the babies during this song!

Read: Show Me Happy by Kathryn Madeline Allen (Tuesday); I Am a Baby by Kathryn Madeline Allen (Thursday)

Before reading, I reminded my caregivers:

Remember, it’s okay if your baby wants to come closer, OR if they want to wander! What matters most this morning is that your baby starts building positive feelings and associations with books.

Sing: Love My Baby

Tune: Skip To My Lou

Love my baby, yes I do.
Love my baby, yes I do.
Love my baby, yes I do.
Love my baby, through and through! (kiss)

Love my baby big or small… short or tall! (lift up)
Love my baby head to toe… can’t let go! (hug)
Love my baby night and day… every way! (kiss)


Sing: What Do You Do with a Cranky Baby?

Tune: Drunken Sailor

What do you do with a cranky baby
What do you do with a cranky baby
What do you do with a cranky baby
Early in the morning?

Heave ho and up she rises
Heave ho and up she rises
Heave ho and up she rises
Early in the morning!

Take them in your arms and tickle them all over,
take them in your arms and tickle them all over,
Take them in your arms and tickle them all over,
Early in the morning!


The caregivers had a good chuckle when I mentioned Tik Tok sea shanties. They were all pretty familiar with this tune!

Bounce: Acka Backa Soda Cracker

Acka backa soda cracker
Acka backa boo!
Acka backa soda cracker
Up goes you!


ST Baby Books

Read: Books with Baby Faces (Book Basket)

I’m trying something new with my baby storytimes and setting aside time for caregivers to read one-on-one with their babies. The books aren’t all the same title, but they do share some common feature (e.g. photos, flaps) that I pull out for the parents and explain why I picked that type of book. My goal is to introduce caregivers to age-appropriate books and empower them to browse the board book section. Plus, the babies can see lap books so much better!

Lit Tip: Choosing Just Right Books for Baby

Grown-ups, babies LOVE looking at other babies. Choosing books with photos of baby faces is a great way to help your little one get interested in books and reading!

Play: Bubbles

Rhyme: Tick Tock Cuckoo Clock*

Sing: Goodbye, Goodbye*

Stay and Play

*Please visit this page to learn more about my regular storytime songs and routines.

And that was that! We welcomed 25 babies and caregivers on both Tuesday and Thursday that week. Lots of families eager to get back into the storytime groove!

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