Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Routines & Resilience

Sharing a recent all-ages virtual storytime plan today! Highlights posted below; click here for the full script.

Sing: Hi, Hello and How Are You?*

Welcome/Summer Reading Announcement

Sing: If You’re Ready for a Story…*

Read: Saturday by Oge Mora

Before reading this story, we learned more about Oge Mora by reading her author blurb on the back jacket. We also explored the calendar in the front endpapers, sang a days of the week song, and noticed that every Saturday on the calendar had a star. Hmm… I wonder why? 🤔


Saturday is supposed to be a special day for Ava and her mom, but things keep going wrong! While reading, we made sure to pause, close our eyes, and let out a deep breath just like Ava and her mom did.

We also paused on the page about the busy park. After asking kids at home to share what they noticed, I pointed out what I saw:

  • Black and brown and white children playing together with a ball – I wonder what game they’re playing?
  • An artist painting a picture – I wonder what the picture will be?
  • Someone in a pink dress and a sunhat reading a book – I wonder what they’re reading? It must be a good book if they can tune out all the loud sounds in the park!
  • Aaaand there’s Ava and her mother covering their ears!


Sing: The Wheels on the Bus

“On their way to the puppet show, Ava and her mother took a bus! That reminds me of a song I know…”

Inspired by our story, I added a verse about “the people who are late say wait, wait, wait!” 🙂

Play: Mouse House (Flannel)


“I love all the different places you can take a bus and go see in the city! There’s so many different people to meet and places to go and things to see. People live in a lot of different kinds of houses in the city. Some people live in tall apartments, like Ava and her mother…”

Sing: The Elevator Song (x2)

“Gosh, the apartment building that Mouse was hiding inside was so tall! Maybe it had an elevator. Let’s sing the elevator song…”

Tip: Routines and Resilience

Our next story is called Sweet Dreams, Zaza. Just like Ava and her mother had a special routine on Saturday, Zaza gets ready for bed in a special way every night. Grown-ups, I love these books because they show how routines help children feel loved and safe. Routines help children manage change even during the best of times! And bedtime is a great time to establish those loving routines that sustain us.

Read: Sweet Dreams, Zaza by Mylo Freeman

This sweet story is one of my toddler storytime faves! I love the whole Zaza series.

Sing: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star / ¿Estrellita, Donde Estas?

“Remember when Zaza sang Mo a lullaby? Let’s sing another popular lullaby!”

Sing: Sleeping Bunnies by Kathy Reid Naiman (x2)

Before singing a second time, I asked the audience what their favorite animals were and invited them to pretend to be whatever they wanted for our second time through.

Sing: Goodbye, Goodbye, We’ll See You Soon*

Please read diverse books in storytime, friends. Please read books written by diverse authors and show their photos. Read Black books by Black authors. Read books that celebrate Black joy! Children are surrounded by so much direct and indirect racism – including racism absorbed through negative images and messages in media. All children deserve positive and authentic representation in our collections and programs – and all children must develop a respect and appreciation for cultures and experiences different from their own. Please make the most of the power of your time on a child’s screen. 🙏

And speaking of Black books by Black authors… WE’RE GETTING A NEW ATINUKE BOOK THIS MONTH! 😍 I know what I’m reading for my next virtual storytime! What about you?


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