Baby Storytime Spotlight: Families and Food

Speaking of my recent posts about baby storytime messaging and flavored flannel popcorn, I thought I should share how my first storytime went at my new library! Being Black Friday, it was a very small (but mighty) group.

*Sing: Good Morning to You

Welcome & Introductions: What is Baby’s Favorite Food?

We introduced ourselves, our babies and shared baby’s current favorite food.

*Rhyme: This is Big, Big, Big

Rhyme: Toast in the Toaster (x2)

Those babies must be eating breakfast every day to get so big! Let’s make some toast in the toaster. I read books at breakfast and often burn my toast, so let’s do this rhyme twice and make two batches! Just in case. 😊

Toast in the toaster

Getting very hot.

Tick tock, tick tock.

Up you pop!


Credit: Jbrary

*Sing: I Wake Up My Hands With a Clap Clap Clap…

Now that we’ve had breakfast, let’s wake up the rest of our bodies!

Read: Peekaboo Morning by Rachel Isadora

Love the repetition in this book – makes it so easy for caregivers to join in!

Rhyme: 3 Little Kernels Flannel

When my family gets together, we usually eat food. Let’s make some popcorn:


Rhyme: Pizza Pickle Pumpernickel

Have you ever noticed how many delicious foods start with the letter P? Popcorn. Pizza. Pickles. Peanut Butter Cups. And so on. 😋 We repeated this rhyme several times with additional food suggestions from the crowd for the last line:

Pizza pickle pumpernickel,

My little baby needs a tickle.

One for their nose – tickle tickle!

And one for their toes – tickle tickle!

And one for their belly where the turkey goes!

Rhyme: Acka Backa Soda Cracker

Sometimes after eating lots of food your belly hurts! When my tummy hurts, I like to eat soda crackers:

Acka backa soda cracker

Acka backa boo!

Acka backa soda cracker

Up goes you!

Read: Giant Pop Out Food

Instead of reading the text as printed, I said “Yummy yummy… ice cream in my tummy!” Most of the babies enjoyed the pop-outs but one young friend was supremely unimpressed. 😅 Which was okay, because it set the stage perfectly for my literacy message…

Lit Tip: Building Print Motivation by Following Baby’s Lead

Grown-ups, learning to read seems far away, but you are doing so much already to help your baby get ready! The more positive experiences your baby has NOW with books, the more motivated they will be when learning how to read gets hard LATER. Following your baby’s lead and staying on the page they’re interested in, or leaving a book when they’re NOT interested, helps them build that essential print motivation.

Sing: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (scarves)

Babies sure can be messy eaters… Let’s clean them off from head to toes!


Stay and Play

*Please visit this page to learn more about my regular storytime songs and routines.

And that was that! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a regularly scheduled baby storytime. I’d forgotten how fast the time flies by! I could have spent all morning hanging out with those cute littles and their caregivers. 😍

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