Flannel Friday: Party Hat Hiding Game

Breaking my month-long blogging hiatus with a fun Flannel Friday post today!

Last month I gave one of my favorite hat flannels a little makeover by adding a bunch of patterned party hats! I hid farm animal friends underneath.

20190928_090942 - Copy

First we explored some math talk opportunities, such as…

  • How are these hats the same?
  • How are they different?
  • Do we have more hats with stripes or more hats with dots? How can you tell?

Then we looked for our friend cat with this fun rhyme:

My Friend Cat

My friend cat

Is hiding under a hat!

Is my friend cat

Underneath the yellow striped hat?

After finding cat…

My friend cat

WAS hiding under a hat!

If THAT’S not cat,

Then who’s under the blue striped hat?


After uncovering all of cow’s friends, we sang Happy Birthday to cow in different farm animal voices. Super fun!

Grab this template and make your own party by clicking below:

party hat hiding game

Please note the animal faces are not included in the download. These faces were based on Little Lia’s Farm Animal Clip Art set on Etsy.

Want to share your own felt creations? Submit your ideas anytime to Flannel Friday on Tumblr! Looking for more inspiration? Browse the Flannel Friday Pinterest Boards! Want to connect with fellow crafty folk? Join the Flannel Friday Facebook Group!

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