Flannel Friday: DUCKY

So I used to not be a big fan of BINGO. I don’t really know why – maybe it’s because I could never get the kids to follow along with the claps right? But then this spring I borrowed Miss Mary’s amazing BINGO flannel and everything just clicked! Since then I’ve been wanting to make some more fun renditions and I finally got around to one last week…



I have a friend when it’s bath time and DUCKY is their name-o!




And DUCKY is their name-o!


Credit: adapted from traditional BINGO

Pattern: free rubber duck pattern available from Pattern Universe

Like Mary did with her dogs, I put a different duck behind each letter. The ducks were a great visual reminder to clap AND gave us a chance to practice some math talk/build letter knowledge – do we have more ducks, or more letters?


Everything was going great until we got to the last little duck…


…who apparently looks “demonic” according to one of my storytime kiddos! Whoops! You can tell that’s a bow, right? 😅

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